What are the traditional ways of repelling birds?


Intimidation to drive away birds, more popular gas guns, horror eyes, recording birds, hunting, raising raptors and other methods. The gas cannon is a gas-fired explosive device. The gas cannons that are periodically fired emit a loud sound to drive away birds, but long-term use of gas cannons can make birds tolerate their sound. The horror eye is a balloon with a huge eye pattern that scares away birds, but it can also be tolerated for long-term use. Recording and snoring is a recording of a raptor’s screaming sound or a screaming sound when a bird is abused by a tweeter. However, this method of bird repulsion is limited by geography, and it must be recorded by local birds to have a better driving effect. . Hunting is the easiest and most effective way to repel birds, but this method is opposed because of ecological protection. Raising raptors is a way of bird control, artificially domesticating and raising a certain number of raptors at the airport, timing off and driving away wild birds. Destroying the habitat is another way to avoid bird strikes. Properly handle the domestic garbage generated by the airport and nearby communities, choose the grass species that the local birds do not like to carry out airport greening, and timely handle the airport lawn so that the birds can not hide, clean the wetlands and forests near the airport, and the environment suitable for birds to inhabit. And chemicals that use birds that are averse but have no effect on the environment will cause birds to abandon the airport as a habitat.