laser welding machine

laser welding machine


laser welding machine

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Handheld laser welding machine VS Traditional welding machine

A handheld laser welding machine

Simple easy to operate, no need professional welding technical personnel operation

Weld appearance, no welding scar, no need to secondary grinding processing

Laser heat stability, high security, small thermal deformation

Without wire material, the use of lower cost

Traditional welding machine:

High labor costs: traditional welder high wages, job difficult

Not beautiful welding, welding scar, need a second polishing processing

Poor security: sparks, the security cannot be guaranteed

Using high cost: need wire, power consumption is big


Non-contact welding processing, no tool wear, no pollution during processing. The welding work is carried out by hand-held laser welding. The welding position is diversified, and the workpiece of various shapes and angles can be welded with less consumables.

Adapt to high production efficiency, fast - paced processing requirements.

Long service life, stable performance, maintenance free, easy to use, cost saving.

The equipment has stable performance, long time working ability, non-contact welding processing, wide range of materials to adapt.

Welding speed, small deformation, no bubbles and other advantages. Flexible operation and uniform energy distribution of welding spots ensure the beauty and performance of welding parts.


Application industry:

Hand-held laser welding machine is used for welding processing of kettle, impeller, metal, sheet metal, steel pipe, carbon steel, pipe and cabinet.

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